Congregational update July 1, 2020



It has been great to gather in person on the lawn and worship together.  We will continue to do so, weather permitting, for the near future.  Remember to bring a lawn chair or blanket, practice social distancing, and leave the drive-up circle for those who wish to remain in their cars.  Weather decisions are made early Sunday so please check email, Facebook, or have a friend who can check for you.  We will post that decision by 7:00 am on Sunday morning.  Livestreaming will continue to be our major source of worship, so feel free to stay at home, you will feel included if that is your choice.  And if you are older and/or have other conditions that put you are higher risk, the staff and Consistory love you enough to ask you to carefully consider staying at home.



If you have been out and about at all, you know that youth are re-connecting.  It is to be expected as social life is so important to our youth.  Youth Director Taylor is re-imagining youth group in safe ways.  We want our kids to connect with each other in safe ways, and we want their spiritual growth to continue.  Many parents have expressed gratitude in being able to send their youth to a safe, supervised, fun, and growing place.  Please remember Taylor and his volunteer staff and our youth as they re-gather. 



Consistory’s next meeting is July 14th, and the major agenda item is in the sanctuary worship.  The staff has developed a carefully considered plan for re-opening and Consistory will wrestle with the details and timing.  This is a challenging decision with divergent information and divergent opinions.  Please pray that God will lead in all things as we consider many aspects of the life of the ‘Body of Christ’ and our functioning in this unprecedented time. 



The staff has been super creative in their response to the constantly changing landscape of COVID.  So many of you have expressed appreciation for their hard work in creatively engaging worship in many new venues. 

Stay tuned as staff now turns their attention to re-imaging fellowship and spiritual growth in new ways.  Several outdoor seating areas have been added to our campus.  Staff is now looking at fellowship and learning opportunities that range from book discussions on the porch to family movie night on the lawn.  Maybe Pastor Louis will even do a trivia night – bring your dinner- bring your dog, night on the lawn??? 


Please remember that offices are open by appointment if you need to talk.  We know what seemed like it would be a sprint has turned into a marathon and that can get to you. 



Pastor Dan

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