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Help us Grow

Electronic Giving is a convenient, consistent way to help our church grow. Five more ways to give;


1. DONATE FROM YOUR SMART PHONE First Church offers a mobile version of our online giving page to make it easy for you to give anytime from your smart phone. Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for "Give to Church" to download for FREE or simply scan the image you see here using your phone’s camera.


2. TEXT YOUR OFFERINGS In less time than it takes to write a check, you can now make your contribution with a quick text message. “Give by Text” (616) 965 -7933


3. and locate the “Donate Now” page.


4. SCHEDULE A RECURRING ELECTRONIC CONTRIBUTION TODAY. You won’t need to write checks and prepare envelopes every week. And even when you can’t attend services, your electronic contributions will arrive without delay. Click HERE to download the form. 


5. CONSIDER TAKING ADVANTAGE OF QUALIFIED CHARTABLE DISTRIBUTIONS (QCDs) FROM YOUR 401K.  These gifts are tax deductible in addition to claiming the standard or itemized deductions, and can count toward mandatory distributions.  Talk with your financial advisor to get started.


Ask for an authorization form in the church office or visit our website:

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