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Opportunities for 20's and 30's

Young Adults

​So you're out of high school, maybe recently and maybe quite some time ago.


Now what?


Perhaps you're working full-time or part-time, in college or post-college, living with parents or roommates, in a relationship or not. Or maybe your life is just too complicated to categorize.


And maybe you are wondering about Jesus. If so, you are not alone. The intergenerational community of First Church invites you, welcomes you - in fact, needs you - to join us as we seek to follow Jesus in our odd and always changing world.


The rhythm of our life together includes regular gatherings and occasional happenings, both intentional and informal, some with just young adults and others with a mix of folks. We also enjoy partnering with other churches for the sake of Jesus' mission in our West Michigan community. Come and see.

Young Families

Parenting young children is not an easy task. Fortunately God doesn't call us to do it alone. We invite you to journey with us as we navigate together what it means to follow Christ in the home, community, and workplace.


Every Sunday morning the "Moms and Dads" (MAD) group meets after the worship service in the nursery so that the little ones have a place to play. In this hour we study various topics, encourage and pray for one another. We also do various fun events throughout the year -- both with and without the kids. Come join us!


Pastor Louis Ford the contact person for Young Adults and Young Families, would be glad to treat you to lunch, coffee, or brunch and talk more. Learn more by visiting First Church's Facebook page.

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